Career Pathway #123: Living in the Present Moment

One sure fire way to improve your daily living, is to care for yourself by living in the present moment.

Of course this is no small task for most of us, who kick ourselves with the past’s “could haves” and “should haves.” And most of us tend to be good at pressuring ourselves with the “would(s)” and “should(s)” of the future, as well. All of this makes for lower esteem, lower energy, less confidence, and less joyful creation in our lives.

Living in the present moment is all about experiencing each happening as it unfolds, reserving judgment, and letting it be fresh and new. When I take my world in through these eyes, it becomes a much lighter hearted experience for me. I am able to enjoy more of it in deeper ways, and to take more of it in with greater space to hold the possibilities.

In terms of career, our workdays can become easier and more fulfilling, when we let go of past difficulty and look for the positive opportunities in each new project, encounter, or assignment. We can take forward the positives of past experience and focus on the present task and relationships we encounter each day.

Coaching Inquiries:

  • Do you think of past experiences in terms of what you did wrong, or opportunities you missed?
    If so, are you willing to reframe these memories to acknowledge the success that was there, and the learning that you can take forward in positive ways?
  • Do you harbor hard feelings toward a past supervisor or coworker, where the relationship turned negative? Are you in a place now in your life where you are willing to release these negatives, and focus on more positive and fulfilling relationships?
  • Are you feeling under a great deal of pressure to perform, so much that you are nearly unable to hold the present focus? What thoughts and voices can you dispel, to still your mind and appreciate today’s possibilities?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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