Career Pathway #122: Lightening Your Load

What is weighing you down on your trek through life? We all have things we’re carrying in our mind, body, relationships, and living that weigh heavily and utilize our precious energy. These things are not usually positive, nor do they contribute to our overall well-being and progress.

There generally isn’t much to gain by carrying the extra load • the hyper activity, the constant concern, the keeping up with the Jones, the focus on negatives in one’s life. We might tell ourselves that all the activity is important and that our possessions and work status are the markings of a successful person. But, when you cut to the very core of your being, are these the things that you truly value? Are they the place where you want to spend your time and energy? Are they the basic foundation of who you are and what you want to express?

Letting go of extra weight in terms of our thinking and doing can open us to wonderful, new, and freeing space. I love it when coaching clients find new answers, creativity, and joy as they release heavy thoughts, undue pressure, and unimportant activity. In fact, it seems that until the extra load is sloughed off, there is no room for this desired expansion. 

Coaching Inquiries: If you were to lighten to load, where might you begin? If you followed where your thinking energy and your doing energy flow, what would you see? Is that where you want to spend your energy? If not, what are you willing to release, in order to make some space for other thought and activity? 

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