Career Pathway #121: Give Yourself Some Space

What I have seen in my own life, and as a coach, is that answers don’t come when we are stressed, hurried, or in a “closed” mindset. They come when we create some space for ourselves and allow our wisdom to unfold and be heard.

People can be especially hard on themselves when recounting past work experience. Of course the tendency as humans is to focus on what went wrong, and the mistakes made, rather than framing the work as a learning experience and not judging any particular action or decision. When in this judging mode, we limit our space, we make ourselves “less than” and we zap our energy and inspiration.

On the other hand, we make ourselves powerful when we take an “innocent” view of our current and past experience. In this mode, we are not judging but simply viewing the situations, and looking for the learning opportunities and growth. We also make the process more fun by releasing the pressure and negativity, and inviting in more joy and lightness.

Turn your judgment off and your openness on, to create space and possibility. Learn what you can from past experience and let the rest go. Give your mind a rest, and let yourself expand into all the new space you’ve created. Great things abide there, and are awaiting discovery. 

Consider these coaching inquiries to build healthy space for yourself: In what ways can I be easier on my self, and build more possibility into my life? Are there experiences that I’ve learned from and can now release? What is holding me back from letting go of certain memories that way heavy on my spirit? Do I want to be more powerful within my life?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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