Career Pathway #120: Reaching Productivity Through Mindfulness

You wouldn’t necessarily associate the words “productivity” and “mindfulness,” but when you do, all kinds of things can break loose!

One of my coaching clients reminded me of the sheer power of mindfulness. He was recounting the accomplishments he’s made in the development of his consulting business in the last few months, and associated his progress closely with his elevated practice of mindfulness. When he made time for meditation, awareness, and focus, his anxiety faded and his work became more productive and effective.

Sometimes the more pressure we feel, the more hurried we get. We can lose sight of taking time to center and explore what is the true direction and the essential foundation of our vision. We can let ourselves stifle creativity and passion, and can consume ourselves with the stress created by our self-talk. We stop breathing and start gasping for air.

If we can slow our mind and pace, we can recapture some calm. Shifting from frantic feelings of neediness to a place of feeling trusting and grounded is an incredible gift to give oneself. We then come from a place of strength, where our creativity can express itself and our intuition and inspiration can be heard. It is here that we are at our most powerful place.

When you are feeling stressed, tune into your self-talk. Commit to giving yourself some breathing room and slow things down for a few minutes. Let go of the pressure, breathe in some trust. Think about the direction you want to travel, and give yourself some higher perspective. Allow your powerful and confident self to emerge. First and foremost, ground yourself • find some peace. I think you’ll be amazed at what follows.

Coaching Inquiries: Are you breathing deeply and calmly? Are you feeling grounded and trusting? Do you take pressure off your mind, and lead with your heart, at least some of the time? What unproductive and stressful self-talk do you want to release? Are you willing to expand your mindfulness practice? How? When?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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