Career Pathway #119: Let Your Life Flow

I have been finding my way into many conversations lately, about the wonderful things that can come our way when we find ourselves in the “zone” or the “flow” of life. 

What I’ve been hearing and experiencing, is that when people find their natural flow, their zone, their path of least resistance, they are finding more of what is a fit for them, more of what they want in life. When they substitute old patterns of struggle with new attention to finding their way through ease and inspiration, good things are happening to them. 

We all know that our minds are very powerful. When we think about positive things and raise our energy, we attract positive energy and outcomes. When we choose to focus on the negative aspects of life, we lower our energy and attract more negative. So too, when we focus on comfort, ease, and flow, we have a much greater chance of realizing positive results through those methods.

Notice when something in life begins to feel like a struggle. There is a choice point-to continue with the struggle, or to find another way. Many times you really don’t even need to look for another way • it finds you through quiet contemplation, inspiration, or other people/events around you.

To open yourself to “flow,” you may want to consider the following inquiries:

  • Am I enjoying this process? Is it producing good energy and positive results?
  • What am I feeling inspired to do at this point, if anything?
  • Am I willing to give myself a break from it, and come back to it with some new creativity and a focus on flow and ease?
  • How can I be more receptive to possibilities and resources?
  • Is this process becoming a struggle for me because it isn’t the right direction for me? And if that is a possibility, do I want to reconsider my choices and direction?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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