Career Pathway #116: It’s Your Choice

Your “Gremlin,” a term coined by author Richard Carson, cannot be overcome by deciding to rid yourself of her or him. It is only by being at choice with how you listen to her or him that you begin to discover your true freedom.

To “be at choice” with how much you believe the Gremlin means that you get to choose and play with outdated, unfounded beliefs about yourself and others. Choosing is to notice when you say “I should•” or “I can’t•” and to then ask yourself if it is indeed true that you “should” or “can’t.” More importantly, the process is about reframing your vocabulary. Shifting from the habit of saying, for example, “I can’t leave this job” to instead saying “I choose not to leave this job” reminds you of your responsibility for, and power within, the situation.

Take this with you: Complete this sentence • “Yesterday I said, ‘I can not (fill in the blank with your block). Today I say, ‘I have been choosing not to (fill in the blank with your block), until now.”

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