Career Pathway #115: Jump In! The Water’s Fine

That first step into a pool or lake can be a little cold and uncomfortable. But we quickly adapt, and find that we may even want to make a bold move by leaping in or diving under.

My work as a coach can be a lot about coaxing my clients into the water • to check it out, adapt to the change, and to see that it can be very comfortable once they acclimate. Once “in” they generally don’t want to get “out.”

Of course making a major change in one’s life is a much bigger undertaking than getting into the pool. Many times there can be much at stake. But, much is also at stake in staying tethered to the current lifestyle that has become stale and unfulfilling. 

Making a change begins with one small step: finding the time, courage, and gumption to explore and dip your toe into the water. It really can be easy and fun, especially if you don’t overwhelm yourself with all the what-ifs and self doubts. Just approach it with curiosity and trust. After all, it’s only a first step. 

Coaching Inquiries: What’s your first step? How can you make it easy and fun? Are you willing to let go of the doubting and unknown, while you dip your toe in and begin to check things out? What can you do to begin to untie your tether to your current lifestyle and begin swimming in the new pool of possibilities?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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