Career Pathway #114: What Is Your Act?

As you continue to explore the process of overcoming the power of your inner critic, a critical step is becoming aware of your Act. You know, your stage show. The personality characteristics you’ve adapted for others • your parents, your partner, your boss’the list goes on. You’ve been tricked into believing that your Act protects you from vulnerability and from critics. It also inhibits true intimacy.

One of my Acts is “Extroverted Erika.” She steps in when I am with people (especially strong, vocal women) who intimidate me. When my Act takes over I am never really seen at all. The ability to notice when the “show” is beginning allows me to be at choice with who I am in every situation; I no longer fall victim to the habit of hiding myself.

Coaching Inquiries: What is your Act? How do you want people to describe you? What do you hope others are saying about you when you’re not there to hear it?

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