Career Pathway #113: An Out-of-Body Experience

I ask my clients to stop and closely look at the quality and components of their life. This includes looking at the work they do, their personal life, where they live, their relationships with friends and family, their spirituality, their health, their personal growth and development, and everything else that makes up the life they are living.

An effective technique I use is to ask my client to close his/her eyes and sit in complete silence. I invite my client to visualize him/herself rising up out of their bodies and looking down on themselves. From this perspective, I ask them to look carefully and closely at their life. Is this the life they’ve dreamed of when growing up? What things are present in this life that fit perfectly with a completely fulfilling life? What things don’t fit? What is missing? What is most fulfilling about this life? And so on…

This exercise is a wonderful opportunity for clients to remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of life and take a close look at the life they’ve created for themselves. From there, you can gain much clarity around the quality of your life and can begin to create a picture of your desired future. 

Coaching Inquiries: What are the attributes of the life you dreamed you’d have? Who is it that you really want to be? What is most precious to you? What are the things that would make life more fulfilling for you?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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