Career Pathway #112: Follow Your Inspiration

What does your soul want? Are you quiet and focused so that you can hear the callings?

Is there a career change calling to you?
Is there a travel destination calling?
A change in your home or location?
A change in relationship?
A talent that wants to be expressed and nurtured?

Are you ready to lead a  “bigger” life?

If yes, then move with your inspiration. Forget the “shoulds” and embrace the things that sound fun, interesting, easy, inspired. I have found that clients move more quickly and adeptly when letting their energy steer them. When they task themselves with the “shoulds” and have little enthusiasm and energy around the action item, it seems to go nowhere. Yet, when they move forward with steps that they are energized and excited about, things really start to happen. A certain synchronicity builds, and the flow begins to form.

Pick something that is calling to you in your life. Then, move with your flow and inspiration. I’m positive that you will find fun and fulfillment in this process, and it will surely lead to a bigger and more enjoyable life.

Coaching Inquiries: What change in your life will bring you joy, excitement–whatever you seek? What can you do to gain more clarity for what you want? How are you inspired to move forward toward this desire?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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