Career Pathway #109: Notice Your Gremlins

In my last snack, you were introduced to the concept of the Gremlin, an inner critic and self-saboteur. I presented you a challenge to create a visual representation of the Gremlin and to consider what it is you hear when the Gremlin is speaking to you.

Author Richard Carson says that the first step in the process of taming your Gremlin is creating an awareness of and simply noticing it. Noticing is not the same thing as thinking about your Gremlin. “Thinking about” is analyzing by stepping outside and looking in. To “notice” is to be completely conscious of what is taking place in your body. Unfortunately, this kind of awareness is not something that is generally practiced in our culture.

Coaching Challenge: practice becoming aware of or noticing your Gremlin. Spend 10 minutes today in a still place. As you sit, record everything that you notice: What do you see? Hear? What are you touching? What do you smell? Taste? What thoughts are you having?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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