Career Pathway #107: Picture Your Gremlin

Gremlins, most commonly known as fairy tale creatures to be blamed for things that are broken, lost or misplaced, are also symbolic of our broken, lost or misplaced dreams. You have probably had a sense of these mysterious creatures your whole life. These Gremlins are the narrators in your head; the voices that whisper “Don’t even think about it•;” the voices that scream “You should•you need to•you must.”

These Gremlins are in your self-doubt, your second thoughts, your hesitations and your fears. Gremlins take away energy, sabotage hope and lower our expectations with the goal of quieting the real, vibrant you.

In my next series of “Snacks” we will shed light on these shadow creatures so that you may begin to detect the presence of your Gremlin, differentiate yourself from him or her and make more conscious choices.

Coaching Challenge: Create a visual representation of your Gremlin • a rough sketch of what this creature looks like. How does he or she look when he or she is speaking to you?

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