Career Pathway #105: Goal Setting 101

As a coach, prospective clients often come to me seeking a partner in working toward their goals. Some of them come with flashy goals mapped out on Gantt charts and plugged in to their daily planners for three months forward. Others come with simple statements, phrased more like wish lists.

Whatever form they take, goals without connection to an individual’s life purpose are goals written in a vacuum, usually resulting in stalled or unmet goals. Goals unconnected to a person’s values are often goals too influenced by Gremlins (the distracting and debilitating inner voice that tells one what they “should” be doing or “should never” dream to do), limited perspectives, or others’ points of view. As critical as goals are to success and the pursuit of fulfillment, commitment to the wrong goals can contribute to continued and perplexing feelings of failure, imbalance and emptiness.

In First Things First, guru of habits and people-effectiveness, Stephen Covey, supports this theory: “Goals that are connected to our inner life have the power of passion and principle. They’re fueled by the fire within and based on ‘true north’ principles that create quality of life results•without this deep connection, we go through life feeling duty-bound to develop sufficient self-control to achieve our goals, to endure to the end, to crawl battered and bruised over the finish line, if it’s the last thing we do.”

The key to successful goal achievement is setting the right goals in the first place. If you find yourself struggling to meet your goals, perhaps it is time to question from where the goals came.

Coaching Inquiries: Whose goals are you working on? How are they connected to your values? How do you feel when you are working on your goals (excited, drained, fulfilled, etc.)?

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