Career Pathway #102: A Time to Be, A Time to Do

Many times when we think of accomplishment and achievement, we associate them with “doing” sorts of things • taking action. And although many goals require action steps, there is a time to focus on one’s “being.” It is in the “being” part of life, that we become quiet, introspective, and learned about whom we really are and the essence of what we truly want. 

People frequently seek a coach for the purpose of holding their “feet to the fire,” by checking up on them each week to be sure tasks are completed. However, there is a far richer relationship to be had in coaching, when the conversation begins with values, personality, dreams, and authenticity. Applying this awareness in the process illuminates the true desires and clarifies the path. 

Reach deep within yourself to explore and expand your understanding of self before committing to action. This will ensure both a more enjoyable journey, and a more rewarding result.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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