Step Up your Career with a LifeTrek Coach

Career coaching assists individuals to discover their passion as a guide toward career fulfillment. Most of us experience this as a concern, at one time or another. LifeTrek coaches are trained to assist clients with both career transitions and with the challenge of creating a more balanced life in the context of existing and often stressful positions.

Like a sports coach, our career coaches assist you to more clearly define what winning in life means and to muster the courage to meet the challenges that winning requires. We assist you to play from your strengths rather than to fight with your weaknesses; to answer rather than to ignore your call.

With a LifeTrek career coach, you can:

  • Build your career around your sense of purpose
  • Discover your strengths and use them to your greatest advantage
  • Make more confident career decisions
  • Overcome challenges such as outplacement in uncertain economic times
  • Strike a better balance between family and work
  • Be inspired to advance your career to the next level
  • Improve your current job situation
  • Bolster your confidence to make a job transition
  • Proactively design or redesign your professional or academic life
  • Better understand your potential to seek the right career
  • Increase your career options and future earning power

In addition, LifeTrek offers the latest cutting-edge technology for creating Career Web Portfolios, enabling you to put your CV, resume, professional biography, and other achievements online for others to easily see in full detail.

Special Offer

If you would like to learn more about how LifeTrek Career Coaching could assist you to move out, to move up, or to move over in the world, we would be more than happy to arrange a free introductory coaching session. Just submit the form to get the ball rolling. And be sure to visit our extensive archive of Career Pathways and Provisions. We will contact you promptly.

You can also contact LifeTrek by:

Telephone: (757) 345-3452
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or surface mail:
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