Provision #119: Have a Partner

LifeTrek Provision This LifeTrek Provision is unabashedly autobiographical. If that turns you off, or if you don’t enjoy reading about marathon running, then read no further. But there are lessons here with wide applicability. Running, after all, is a metaphor for life. And this particular run became especially so. Bob runs two marathons a year, […]

Provision #118: Just Say Yes

LifeTrek Provision Last week we talked about the importance of just saying no. It wasn’t an anti-drug LifeTrek Provision, although we support the importance of saying no to tobacco, alcohol, and other addictive, mind-altering drugs. There’s no other way to be healthy and free. Our focus last week was on saying no to those people […]

Provision #117: Just Say No

Laser Provision It’s important, but not enough, to set standards for yourself. You also have to set boundaries for others. Boundaries are imaginary lines that protect your well being from the words and actions of others. Sometimes you have to just say no in order to be your very best in the world. This Provision […]

Provision #116: Have a Strategy

LifeTrek Provision The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, may have said it best: “It is in changing that things find purpose.” Most people come to coaching in search of purpose. It can be broad sweeping • my true Life Purpose • or very particular • my purpose here and now. Coaches encourage, support, and challenge people […]

Provision #115: Have a Plan

LifeTrek Provision We are blessed to live with two wonderful teenagers, both of whom are in high school. With all the negative press in the wake of the shootings in Littleton, CO, they and their friends serve to remind us of how many great teenagers there really are in the world. As our daughter prepares […]