Provision #233: Be Bold

Laser Provision The “B” in BRAVE stands for Bold. That’s what we need to be if we hope to exercise leadership with backbone and heart. It’s not enough to be NICE. We also have to take our stand, speaking the truth in love until we find ourselves in a toleration-free zone. Take heart. It’s not […]

Provision #232: It Makes a Difference

Laser Provision What does it mean to be brave? For some people • on both sides of the conflict in Afghanistan • it means fighting for their cause. For others it means questioning the war and finding alternative solutions. This week’s guest Provision makes you think about where you stand and how to make a difference. LifeTrek […]

Provision #231: Be Brave

Laser Provision There’s a dimension of leadership and commitment that we’ve not considered as part of our series on being nice. It’s important to act Neighborly, be Interested, feel Connected, and employ Etiquette, N-I-C-E, and it’s also important to be brave. For the next five weeks we will break that word down, B-R-A-V-E, in order […]

Provision #230: Employ Etiquette

Laser Provision Etiquette has gotten a bad name in this day and age. Who has time for etiquette? We grab our fast food and claw our way to the top without much concern for social graces. That’s no way to be nice! Yet the “E” in N-I-C-E stands for Etiquette because etiquette benefits one and […]

Provision #229: Feel Connected

Laser Provision There’s no way to be nice without feeling connected and compassionate to others. Without a sense of connection we’re part of the problem rather than the solution. That’s what the “C” stands for in N-I-C-E. Feel Connected. As long as we feel separate, superior, disconnected, intimidated, and frightened by others, we cannot and […]