Provision #238: Review & Plan

Laser Provision The start of a New Year is a great time to review and plan your life. Are you just going along for the ride? Are you making the same mistakes over and over again? Perhaps it’s time to get going or to give up. Looking back and forward at life can motivate you […]

Provision #237: Endure

Laser Provision Be Bold, take Responsibility, Act, be Versatile, and Endure. That’s my complete acronym for BRAVE. Do you have what it takes to endure? Don’t think in terms of grit and determination. Think in terms of enjoying the process of trial and correction, of tenaciously pursuing and celebrating lifelong learning. LifeTrek Provision Motivational and […]

Provision #236: Be Versatile

Laser Provision We’re getting close to finishing our acronym for BRAVE. Be Bold, take Responsibility, Act, and be Versatile. BRAVE people are not wedded to a single course of action and they certainly don’t think they have all the answers. BRAVE people continuously adapt and change as part of their own journey for personal and […]

Provision #235: Act

Laser Provision Be Bold, Take Responsibility, and Act. That’s what the “A” stands for in BRAVE. Brave people do brave things. They don’t just think about doing them. They do them. For many people, the idea of being a hero is intimidating and out of reach. But everyone can bravely take action. Act. You’ll be […]

Provision #234: Take Responsibility

Laser Provision If the “B” in BRAVE stands for being Bold, the “R” stands for taking Responsibility. Being Bold without taking Responsibility is full of arrogance and often leads to failure. But with the right planning, preparations, and provisions • as well as the integrity to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes • life becomes […]