Provision #595: Beyond Survival

Laser Provision Between bankruptcies, job losses, foreclosures, and scandals there’s plenty in the news to stimulate panic and fear. When that happens, we often shut down our higher-level functions in favor of the lower-level things that will protect our interests and enable us to survive. Although it’s important to pay attention to our survival needs, […]

Provision #594: Do The Right Thing

Laser Provision It’s tempting, when times are tough, to start cutting corners or to justify doing whatever it takes to get where you want to go. It’s a slippery slope, however, when we start justifying means by ends. It’s far better to live by positive, life-giving values, whether in good times or bad. As you […]

Provision #593: Leadership Quotes

Laser Provision The more difficult the times the more important our leadership becomes. Whether or not you call yourself a leader, each of us is a leader in important and revealing ways. We each have possibilities to see and contributions to make. Today’s Provision encourages us on that journey with 26 quotes and poems about […]

Provision #592: Say “Yes!” To Life

Laser Provision What’s the secret of life? I think it has to do with connection, generosity, and joy. The more focused we become on self-protection the harder it is to experience laughter, love, and luxury. It may be tempting in these difficult economic times to hunker down with a wary-and-weary mentality, but we do so […]

Provision #591: Beyond Self-Service

Laser Provision The poet Rumi once wrote, “Out beyond right and wrong there is a field. I will meet you there.” Today’s Provision moves beyond self-service to that place of self-transcendence. It is not about right and wrong; it is about connecting with others in ways that are life-giving and life-affirming. It is about going […]