Provision #397: Avoid Positive Thinking

Laser Provision There is a dimension of magical thinking that is so popular and well-known as to be almost sacrosanct in the self-help literature. For more than 50 years, the “power of positive thinking” has been touted as the key to success and fulfillment in life. But “positive thinking” as a system of control and […]

Provision #396: Avoid Cynical Thinking

Laser Provision Last week we urged you to avoid magical thinking. There is no foolproof, guaranteed, esoteric, invisible, or unassailable system for getting what we want out of life. But that does not mean we should swing 180 degrees in the opposite direction, to cynical thinking. There is a middle ground between all (magical thinking) […]

Provision #395: Avoid Magical Thinking

Laser Provision Do you want to have more fun in life? Then give up the notion that there is a magic formula for success. There is no formula and there are no guarantees. But any and every experience can afford us the incredible opportunity to extend ourselves in love. If that sounds attractive, then read […]

Provision #394: Zestful Living

Laser Provision With this Provision, we start a new series on spiritual wellness. We will not approach the subject matter from a narrow, sectarian point of view. We will, instead, focus on those life-giving principles and practices that most people share in common. Unfortunately, most people do not practice them often enough. But together we […]