Provision #403: Avoid Aimless Thinking

Laser Provision To avoid anxiety it’s tempting to give up on ambition. After all, if we’re not aiming for something then it doesn’t much matter what path we take. Hakuna Matata! But such aimlessness takes its own toll on the human psyche. It leads to boredom, lethargy, and depression. Fortunately, there is a way to […]

Provision #401: Avoid Anxious Thinking

Laser Provision We live in an age of anxiety. The troubles and terrors • both of natural and human origin • are real. But that does not mean we need to succumb to anxious thinking. Indeed, anxious thinking usually makes things worse. Better to set anxious thinking aside through the exercise of awareness, habits, community, […]

Provision #400: Avoid Exclusive Thinking

Laser Provision It’s easy to get seduced by the word “exclusive.” It sounds so attractive, favorable, and special. From exclusive offers to exclusive communities, we find ourselves drawn to privileges and perks. But this is not the road to life. Interdependence, inclusion, and involvement lead to far greater rewards, not to mention a better world […]

Provision #399: Avoid Unexamined Thinking

Laser Provision Socrates may have said it best: “an unexamined life is not worth living.” Yet many people go through their days with mindless attention to their thoughts, feelings, actions, and intuitions. No wonder so many people suffer from a dearth of both knowledge and wisdom! That is not the way to spiritual wellness. Through […]

Provision #398: Avoid Negative Thinking

Laser Provision Most people would agree that negative thinking is to be avoided, but perhaps not for the reasons you suspect. Yes, negative thinking can make us feel worse about things. But it also robs us of our freedom and separates us from reality such that it makes it harder, if not impossible, to develop […]