Provision #408: Avoid Spiritual Illness

Laser Provision Next week we will begin to look at the things we need to embrace for spiritual wellness. Before moving on, however, today’s Provision summarizes the twelve things we need to avoid if we hope to avoid spiritual illness. We’ve covered these things in detail since the start of the year, but if you […]

Provision #407: Avoid Selfish Thinking

Laser Provision This Provision will challenge your thinking. If you are like most people, you think more about your own welfare than the welfare of others. You may even have developed an elaborate justification for such selfish thinking. But what if the way to self-care was not through making self-care your goal? What if it […]

Provision #406: Avoid Scarcity Thinking

Laser Provision It’s tempting to succumb to scarcity thinking. When we view time, money, energy, or love as limited commodities we trade and protect them carefully. But what if we viewed them as essential experiences to be enjoyed and shared with reckless abandon? What if coming from a place of abundance proved to be a […]

Provision #405: Avoid Inferior Thinking

Laser Provision Do you think poorly about yourself and your situation? Or do you just think poorly? Either way, this Provision has something for you. If you have an inferiority complex, of any sort, or if you fail to function and think at the top of your game, then this resurrection-day message will offer you […]

Provision #404: Avoid Superior Thinking

Laser Provision When we are doing our best, and we know it, it is tempting to develop a superior attitude. “Hey! Look at me!” we want to shout to the world. But showing off and taking credit are not the way of true mastery. Even worse, they sow the seeds of our demise. They disengage […]