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Provision #437: 12 Balance Strategies

Laser Provision Are you more balanced now than you were twelve weeks ago? I hope so, because during that time we have covered twelve vital strategies for achieving Work / Life Balance. If you missed a week or two, “Don’t worry! Be Happy!” This Provision summaries them all. Put them into practice for better balance […]

Provision #434: Take One Step

Laser Provision What does it take to move you to action? In some ways, that is the heart of coaching. People hire coaches because they want to get into gear. They want to move forward with their hopes and dreams, their plans and priorities, their values and commitments. If you are not moving forward as […]

Provision #432: Reach For Enough

Laser Provision Work / Life Balance is a 360 affair. There are many variables to consider, all of which have to be kept in the air. This makes the project hard enough; it becomes impossible when we introduce extreme expectations into the mix. Without a clear idea of how much is enough when it comes […]

Provision #430: Choose Your Speed

Laser Provision Are you stuck in fast forward? Many of us find ourselves rushing from one thing to the next, from one day to the next. With so much happening, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied. Do you ever wonder if there is more to it? Perhaps it’s time to mix things up. Perhaps […]

Provision #429: Balance Your Energy

Laser Provision When it comes to Work / Life Balance there’s no more important exchange than the energy exchange. When too much energy goes out, without replenishment, we burn out. When too much stays put, without engagement, we rust out. Striking the perfect balance between effort and rest, stress and recovery, is the secret to […]