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Provision #374: Coaching as Breath Work

Laser Provision When we are feeling the forces of negativity and anxiety, our bodies generally react by tightening and constricting. Breathing becomes shallower, and we lose optimum functioning. Similarly, our spirits and lives can constrict under the weight of these emotions and pressure. But, just as in breathing exercises, one can learn to release and […]

Coaching Kitchen #131 Catching Your Breath

This was a jam-packed week. Attending a Punch Brothers concert, getting together with friends, meeting deadlines and managing difficult situations at work, personal appointments, and taking care of things on the home-front while Mark was out of town were all on the agenda. This is no different schedule than many of you manage, and there […]

Coaching Kitchen #130 Treating Yourself

Aesthetics have become much more important to me in the last few years. I think that I started to get those juices going when I began to think about remodeling the kitchen. It was a major remodel that involved knocking out a wall, taking the remaining walls down to the framing, removing the old flooring, […]

Coaching Kitchen #126 Powerful Questions

Today, a colleague who was chairing our team meeting, decided to start us off with the question, “if you were retiring today, what would you be doing tomorrow?” I was amazed how quickly the first few people were able to answer that question — flying to Paris, traveling across the country in an RV, cruising […]