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Provision #381: Coaching as Noise Reduction

Laser Provision This week we share the story of a LifeTrek client who experienced the energy and love that often results from a coaching relationship. By viewing clients as creative, resourceful and whole, coaching clears away distractions in order to champion clients and encourage their infinite possibility. LifeTrek Provision Sometimes, to be the best we […]

Provision #372: Coaching as Dancing Freely

Laser Provision This week’s Provision features a client who’s greatest discovery was that she did not need to be fixed. The work that comes through coaching is not about uncovering all of our flaws and mending them. Coaching instead encourages compassion and acceptance of our whole selves as a pathway for being at choice with […]

Provision #368: Coaching as Purposeful Change by Erika Jackson

Laser Provision Today’s client story reminds us that coaching conversations create an environment where one’s “wildest” dreams are respected, sacred, and treated as absolute possibilities. Our client came to LifeTrek with a focus on corporate business goals as Vice President in a growing sales organization. Through the coaching process, his life’s work and purpose were […]

Parenting Pathway #120: The Season of Music

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order and lends to all that is good and just and beautiful. • PlatoIn my family, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of an […]

Career Pathway #103: Take The Risk To Blossom

Every time I forget that we are designed for greatness, the universe seeks to remind me. Each time I lose faith in the connectedness of people, just the right person enters my life. Whenever I get stuck in an unproductive way of being, I am nudged to reach out and take a risk.I will sometimes […]

Career Pathway #105: Goal Setting 101

As a coach, prospective clients often come to me seeking a partner in working toward their goals. Some of them come with flashy goals mapped out on Gantt charts and plugged in to their daily planners for three months forward. Others come with simple statements, phrased more like wish lists.Whatever form they take, goals without […]

Career Pathway #107: Picture Your Gremlin

Gremlins, most commonly known as fairy tale creatures to be blamed for things that are broken, lost or misplaced, are also symbolic of our broken, lost or misplaced dreams. You have probably had a sense of these mysterious creatures your whole life. These Gremlins are the narrators in your head; the voices that whisper “Don’t […]

Career Pathway #109: Notice Your Gremlins

In my last snack, you were introduced to the concept of the Gremlin, an inner critic and self-saboteur. I presented you a challenge to create a visual representation of the Gremlin and to consider what it is you hear when the Gremlin is speaking to you.Author Richard Carson says that the first step in the […]

Career Pathway #111: Choice as Gremlin Defense

In my last Career Pathway, “Taming Your Gremlin,” I shared with you the value of noticing • being fully aware of the sights, sounds, scents and sensations around you. This skill is important in moving toward the next step in the process of demystifying the undermining voices of our minds.This week, I challenge you to […]

Career Pathway #114: What Is Your Act?

As you continue to explore the process of overcoming the power of your inner critic, a critical step is becoming aware of your Act. You know, your stage show. The personality characteristics you’ve adapted for others • your parents, your partner, your boss’the list goes on. You’ve been tricked into believing that your Act protects […]