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Parenting Pathway #121: Celebrate Stressful Moments

I think all parents would agree that raising children is a challenge. The moments when our children are crying, fighting with a sibling. whining, or all three at the same time, can be stressful and may even occur frequently. One personal strategy that I use to battle the stress is to rise above the situation and […]

Parenting Pathway #123: The Power of Patience

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” • Franklin P. JonesAs a parent of two highly energetic young girls, I rely heavily on the power of patience. However, I would not describe myself as innately patient. In fact, the idea of “moving slowly” to me often bumps up […]

OD Pathway #101: Wear Your Listening Ears

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me the exact same simple question three times within one ten-minute conversation. The third time she asked me the question, she also said, “I know I’ve asked you this question already several times, but I have so much going on inside my head that I can’t […]

OD Pathway #102: Listen To The Crickets

Each summer night, the crickets sing their song. However, many of the crickets’ songs go unnoticed, even unheard on many occasions. What else is out there in the world for us to hear on a regular basis? What else possibly goes unheard as we’re listening to our team members, friends, parents, children…? “Listening to the […]

OD Pathway #103: Listen and Receive

Sometimes anxiety soars when we are in a place of answering questions. Questions can come to us like darts at full speed. Questions from colleagues in meetings, questions from audience members during presentations, and even questions from other team members and associates about sensitive topics can bring us up short.A process for answering questions effectively […]

OD Pathway #104: Bracket Your Interference

To build strong relationships and effective teams, an important listening tool is called Bracketing. Bracketing is when you put some form of mental brackets, like parenthesis, around anything that might get in the way of you listening fully and completely. In previous weeks we’ve defined listening fully and completely as being able to listening to […]

OD Pathway #105: Listen From Within

To develop relationships and high performing teams, it’s important to listen not only with our ears, but also with our eyes, bodies, intuition, and especially our emotions. The key is to pay attention to the other “ears” of our body. As we listen, we feel and experience emotions throughout our bodies. This experience is unique […]

OD Pathway #106: Check Perceptions

Checking Perceptions is the art of naming an emotion you perceive from someone who is talking to you, then checking it out. It is not a common practice used by our society. When someone speaks to us with love, fear, anger, or sadness in their voice, we often take this in as part of the […]