Provision #454: Deliver Your Destiny

Laser Provision Today we conclude our series on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) with a review of the five core processes for transformational change: Define what you want to learn. Discover what gives life. Dream what might be. Design what should be. Then deliver your Destiny, before starting the process all over again. AI is not a […]

Provision #453: Make It Fun

Laser Provision Changes cannot be sustained if the change process and the desired outcomes are not fun. Even the threat of death, both figurative and literal, is not enough for most people to take and to maintain the necessary actions. But the promise of life, experienced and foreshadowed in the present moment, brings a different […]

Provision #452: I Saw It Work

Laser Provision Appreciative Inquiry (AI) works. I know, because I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears. Last week my wife and I led one of our client organizations through the very beginnings of an AI process. In three days’ time, we facilitated 11 meetings that involved a total […]

Provision #450: Communicate What Works

Laser Provision The system knows the solution. That’s a basic principle of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). The top dogs may not know the solution, but someone does. That’s why AI enjoins people at every level to communicate with each other about the things that work. By piecing together the collective knowledge and wisdom of the whole […]

Provision #449: Inspired Action

Laser Provision Appreciative Inquiry (AI) does not seek to appreciate the best in life and work as an academic exercise. It’s not an end in itself. It’s rather the foundation for inspired action in the world. When people are discouraged and depressed, their actions are small or nonexistent. When people are energized and hopeful, their […]