Provision #333: Listen Connectively

Laser Provision Listen connectively. In many ways, that’s what all listening is about. We listen for and make connections that generate meaning, hope, and energy. When that happens, listening becomes a great source of comfort, support, and strength. Whether we listen to our own stories that way, or to the stories of others, connective listening […]

Provision #332: Listen Slowly

Laser Provision Listen slowly. It takes time and patience to really listen to people. We have to be quiet to hear what they’re saying and, perhaps, to hear what they cannot hear themselves. When this happens we become powerful listeners. We become magnets for meaning, mystery, and magic. LifeTrek Provision As some of you read […]

Provision #331: Listen Deeply

Laser Provision Listen deeply. Whether it be to our own story or to the stories of others, deep listening can move people beyond facts and feelings. It can assist us all to connect the dots of past, present, and future until we discover the meaning and purpose of life. What can be more important than […]

Provision #330: Listen Reflectively

Laser Provision Listen reflectively. This listening skill, where we paraphrase what someone else is trying to express, can bring your attention back to the conversation at hand, assist people to clarify what they are trying to say, and move things forward in a positive direction. But like all skills, reflective listening is a use-it or […]

Provision #329: Listen Actively

Laser Provision Listen actively. It’s not enough to just hear the words, while your mind is a million miles away. One must pay attention and focus on what the speaker is trying to say. Then one must ask questions to clarify, advance, and acknowledge what the speaker is trying to say. When this happens, communication […]