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Bolster your Resilience with a LifeTrek Coach

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Resilience CoachingIn today's dynamic and fast-changing world, resilience is more vital than ever. It's what helps us to move past enormous obstacles and to move toward fully living our dreams.

Resilience coaching explores ways of being and doing that bolster our ability to bounce back in radiantly positive ways from even the largest of life's initially overwhelming developments. To make this happen, resilience coaching has two dimensions. The first looks carefully at our ways of being that support a resilient lifestyle. The second looks carefully at our responses.

Resilience coaching begins by emphasizing a person's values, intentions, and motives through a process of reflective listening and powerful coaching. This becomes the foundation we use to create lasting resilient perspectives, skills, and ways of being.

It strengthens our responses by looking at both our perspectives about situations and by looking at our choice of action. The importance of looking closely at our perspectives as a part of being resilient is reflected in Novelist Ellen Glasgow's quote "Nothing in life is so hard that you can't make it easier by the way you take it." Resilience coaching assists people to make better choices by developing the following attributes and skills:
  • Forgiveness
  • Self Esteem, Self Concept, Self Confidence, Self Efficacy
  • Emotional intelligence including managing your gremlin
  • Setting self chosen goals and asserting your intentions
  • Relying on your Faith
  • Optimal wellness and renewal
  • Self expression
  • Owning your life
  • Problem solving
  • Being light hearted
  • Curiosity
  • Having a synergistic effect
  • Being empathetic
  • Being optimistic and learning from pessimism
  • Exploring your vulnerability
  • Focusing on the future
  • Appreciative and self motivated learning

If you want to put forth optimism and a playful lightheartedness during difficult times, to fully explore and release your emotions, to avoid feeling like a victim so you can own your life, to remain calm under pressure, to improve your problem solving and creativity skills, to stress proof your life, to realize life's natural learning opportunities, to build a life that works well for you and others, and to convert bad luck into good luck, then resilience coaching can be your guide.

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If you are curious about how you can partner with a resilience coach to explore and enhance your own personal whole life resilience, please use the form below to arrange for a complimentary 30-40 minute coaching session. And be sure to visit our extensive archive ofResilience Pathways and Provisions. We will contact you promptly.

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