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Creativity Coaching

Unleash your Creativity with a LifeTrek Coach

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Creativity CoachingCreativity Coaching is not just for artists. In fact, most people contact us believing that they are not "artists." Those who contract with us for Creativity Coaching, soon discover that the approach has the power to awaken the mind, generate breakthroughs, and stretch the spirit for just about anyone.

At its essence, Creativity Coaching is not about being an "artist" but is about making art out of your life. It begins with getting clear about what you want to create, instead of treating the circumstances of your life as a given. Together, we explore the endless possibilities for shaping and reshaping your whole life in new ways. We begin with what you want most in the present moment, what is true about your life, and we discern together through conversation and artistic expression how to make your vision so.

Creativity Coaching will enable you to:
  • Define and express you life's goals and visions with confidence and clarity
  • Ignite your dormant passions, skills and dreams
  • Generate specific, measurable and meaningful action plans
  • Relish the process of change and appreciate uncertainty
  • Receive friendship from a candid, creative and caring coach

In addition to the powerful practices of the coach approach, with Creativity Coaching participants will also uniquely experience the joy of utilizing creative approaches (such as movement, sculpture, drawing, music, and writing) in crafting a wonderful and grace-filled life.

Special Offer:

What is stirring in you? Is it a yearning to start or grow your own business? A desire to cultivate or come to closure in a relationship? A craving for the discovery of a passion?

If you are curious about how your life could be changed by exploring your passion and creativity with an intuitive and powerful coach, let us know that you would like a free introductory Creativity Coaching session. Just submit the form below to get the ball rolling. And be sure to visit our extensive archive of Creativity Pathways and Provisions. We will contact you promptly.

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