Resilience Pathways

In today’s dynamic and fast-changing world, resilience is more vital than ever. It’s what helps us to move past enormous obstacles and to move toward fully living our dreams. To become more resilient, one must develop supportive ways of being, seeing, and acting in the world. These Resilience Pathways can assist you to make it so. Learn more about our Resilience Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Resilience coaching session with Christina using our contact form.


Resilience Pathway #121: Noticing You

So often our days are consumed with thoughts and feelings about either something that happened in the past or that may happen in the future. But how often do we simply notice what is happening within you and around you in the present moment? Probably not often enough. For example, at this very moment, I’m […]


Resilience Pathway #125: Celebrate Being You

Common celebrations for most people include birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, job promotions, or other milestones. They are typically about our accomplishments and, as such, they live outside of who we are and outside of the special qualities that make up our unique identities. What would it be like for us to simply celebrate who we are, […]


Resilience Pathway #128: The Big A

Most often my clients show up to their coaching sessions well prepared, knowing exactly what they hope to accomplish or explore during our time together. Sometimes, however, clients show up and their intention is a little foggy. In these instances, we work together to determine a meaningful path. Years ago, in the early days of […]


Resilience Pathway #130: Secret Sacrifices

Are you in a profession where your work involves intimately caring for others? If you are a doctor, therapist, nurse, teacher, coach or other similar profession, then it is very likely that you make secret sacrifices and could be setting yourself up for some serious distress. A secret sacrifice involves giving up and/or not pursuing […]