Resilience Pathways

In today’s dynamic and fast-changing world, resilience is more vital than ever. It’s what helps us to move past enormous obstacles and to move toward fully living our dreams. To become more resilient, one must develop supportive ways of being, seeing, and acting in the world. These Resilience Pathways can assist you to make it so. Learn more about our Resilience Coaching Programs and arrange for a complementary Resilience coaching session with Christina using our contact form.


Resilience Pathway #101: Are You Performing?

For many organizations and their employees, the months of January and February include a review of last year’s performance. This involves reflecting upon accomplishments and also where we could have done better. Can the practice of human performance technology (HPT) help improve your performance? Your organization may already be using HPT to analyze and manage […]


Resilience Pathway #102: Instructional Objectives

As a trainer or teacher, how do you know if your learners have achieved your instructional goals? Ensuring achievement begins with a sound instructional design approach. The purpose of an instructional objective is to create evidence that learning has occurred and also to describe how learning will be measured. This process begins by translating tasks […]


Resilience Pathway #104: SDL, CBT, and SOJT

Are SDL, CBT, and SOJT familiar acronyms to you? If so, do you use them appropriately to facilitate human learning? This Pathway explains these acronyms and gives you a few pointers for their workplace applications.Self-Directed Learning (SDL) has been around since the 1950’s with the birth of teaching machines and programmed instruction. SDL traditionally happens […]


Resilience Pathway #106: Be Who You Are

The following self acknowledgement was the outcome of a productive coaching session for me with my coach:“You can be who you are and get what you want.“This acknowledgement was powerful because it grew out of my realization that I was carrying around a self-limiting, self-imposed life rule about how I have to “be” in order […]


Resilience Pathway #110: Smile

Consider how often you smile in a given day. Smiling is innate, a behavior using over 15 facial muscles that we are pre-programmed to do. Think for a moment how often babies smile and laugh. Smiling portrays a range of positive emotions including confidence, friendliness, and happiness.Smiling has many positive effects not only on the […]