Coaching isn’t just for business professionals. Coaching is also a resource for individuals who want to focus on improving the quality of their life at home, taking care of themselves, the ones they love, as well their professional commitments. LifeTrek coaches assist people to juggle these different balls through one-on-one and group coaching. Learn more about our Parenting Coaching Programs and arrange for a complimentary coaching session with using our Contact Form.


Parenting Pathway #147: Boost Your Child’s Immune System

Parents naturally want healthy children, and boosting their immune system offers important protection. Foods containing protective nutrients are the key! Are you aware of the immense difference nutrition makes to your child’s immune system? Babies are born with underdeveloped immune systems. Through interactions with other children in daycare and grade school, children are continuously exposed […]


Parenting Pathway #149: The Support Factor

No one does it alone. There may be those who stumble through life, abandoned by family, shunned or scorned by peers and colleagues and who die completely alone. I doubt, however, that they would consider their lives enjoyable or successful. We•ve all heard the speeches. What do Oscar winners, Miss America, Masters Champions, Nobel Prize honorees […]


Creativity Pathway #124 & Parenting Pathway #138: Creative Communication

Recently, a client was expressing frustration and anxiety about his relationship with his toddler. As many parents have experienced, a toddler’s greatest struggle is between the desire for independence and the desire for safety and comfort. All the while, most toddlers do not yet have the words with which to communicate their intense emotions. Such […]