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Parenting Pathway #117: A Look At Labels

This month I am a facilitating a book discussion of Mary Sheedy Kurcinka’s book, “Raising Your Spirited Child“. The book is a guide for caregivers of children who are more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent and energetic. However, even for parents and caregivers of less intense children (those she calls “cool” or “spunky” kids), the fundamental […]


Parenting Pathway #119: Be Present

I have a confession: having Lego blocks spread all over the floor drives me crazy. Couple that with dress-up clothes scattered from kitchen to living room, and I can barely concentrate. You see, I love a clean house where everything has, and is in, its place. But when I am playing with my children, if […]


Parenting Pathway #129: Stop Crying!?

Crying is a typical part of childhood. It is a common behavior that most parents encounter on a regular basis. Unfortunately, one of the most common parental responses to a crying child is far from being an effective one. The words, “Stop Crying!” can be confusing to a child to say the least. In essence, a […]


Parenting Pathway #130: Be In The Moment!

Stillness•.quiet•.simply observing•.watching every movement•.every facial expression•. the body language•.taking in every sound•.watching them breathe•.putting yourself in their shoes to experience their every movement and feeling•.clearing your mind from anything and everything except one of the most important people in your life••your child.How many times a day do you engage in this type of “being in […]