LifeTrek Coaching offers its clients the opportunity to take a variety of behavioral style and personality assessment instruments, which can be useful as a stand-alone service or at any point in the coaching process.

As a licensed distributor of Target Training International (TTI), LifeTrek Coaching has access to some of the most extensive Web-enabled assessment instruments on the market today. LifeTrek coaches also make use of the Enneagram and the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI).

Target Training International

The two core TTI instruments are a behavioral styles analysis tool (DISC) and a personal interests, attitudes, and values tool (PIAV). TTI also offers a dynamic, new Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment. These Web-enabled instruments instantly produce nearly 50 pages of reports in PDF format that have extremely high validity and utility.

Values in Action Signature Strengths

Available through the University of Pennsylvania, this assessment is freely available to the public. After taking the assessment, working with a LifeTrek Coach is a great way to develop your signature strengths for optimum performance in life and work. We celebrate the best to bring out the best in you!


The Enneagram (pronounced “ANY-a-gram”) is a system of nine interrelated personality types that can be useful for self-discovery. The Enneagram is diagrammed as a nine-point star within a circle. Each point corresponds to one personality type. Three are body-based types, three are feeling-based, and three are thinking-based.

Myers-Briggs Type Inventory

LifeTrek Coaching also administers the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, one of the most widely used and highly respected measures of personality preferences. It identifies individual preferences in terms of four pairs of opposing preferences: Extroversion-Introversion, Sensing-Intuition, Thinking-Feeling, and Judging-Perceiving.

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